Welcome to Cowtown Leathemen's web site.  We are a Leather organization formed as a charitable organization devoted to providing service and assistance to the gay and lesbian community of Tarrant County.  We are often out in the community doing fund raisers and various events.  We also host an annual run at the Texas Conference of Clubs Landsite.  Membership in Cowtown Leathermen is by invitation only.  We welcome visitors to our monthly meeting which is held the second Monday of each month at Club Changes in Fort Worth.  Meetings start at 7PM.

35th Annual Run

Our 35th Annual Run will be held June 15, 16, 17, 2018 at the Texas Conference of Clubs landsite in Cameron,Texas.  Registration is now active.  Click on Anniversary run to register.  TCC trailers #1 and #2 have already been reserved.