About Cowtown Leathermen, Inc.

Cowtown Leathermen Logo (copyrighted)The Cowtown Leathermen, Incorporated was formed in 1983 as a charitable organization devoted to providing service and assistance to the gay and lesbian community of Tarrant County.

The organization's name reflects the preferred attire of the members of the organization, which serves to identify it's members in the community as the Cowtown Leathermen. Since inception, the club has been involved in educational activities such as: providing educational sessions on gay and lesbian issues, and promoting safe sex practices. The Cowtown Leathermen are also involved in fund raising activities to support various not-for-profit services such as: Food for the Aids Outreach Center Food Pantry, cookouts to raise money for Pet Paws, Christmas Families and related needs for Persons with AIDS (PWA’s), community variety shows and an annual garage sale to raise funds for community service needs.

Each year Cowtown Leathermen devote their time and efforts toward the betterment and assistance of the gay and lesbian community of Tarrant County. The organization is structured with the Office of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Each position is developed to have specified duties directed toward the coordination and operation of the organizations benevolent purpose of promotion of brotherhood, sisterhood and service to the community.

The permanent address of the Cowtown Leathermen is:

Cowtown Leathermen, Inc.
Post Office Box 3494
Fort Worth, Texas 76113-3494